A Welcome to ASMR Triggers

So I’ve been thinking about creating this asmr website for some time now.

Only recently having the time to build it and put my time into it. This is the very first post of the blog and well, I think I should introduce the website?

Asmr has been a godsend these past years, helping me relax and cope (at least for a few hours) with my overwhelming workload. I live in a small village in England and spend most of my time doing work of some sort. When I do get free-time I enjoy going out to new places and exploring outdoors, though, most of the time I spend it cooped up indoors watching Netflix(and asmr). When I can’t shut my mind off at night I’ll stick my earbuds in and listen to some asmr – I don’t watch the visuals much as I try to sleep but I do love a good hand gesture video too!

ASMR Triggers is intended to help more people engage and be aware of asmr and its benefits – yes I know it can seem weird, but if the majority of the videos help others to cope with their lives too then I’m all for it.

And so on the site you’ll find all your asmr needs along with information and actionable guidance on how to improve your health and lifestyle.

We’ll be sharing videos from a range of ‘asmrtists’, giving you plenty of fresh content to keep your tingles tingling.

If you are one of the few that is reading this near the infancy of the website and/or want to get involved in the creation of our content and write for us then please do get in contact! You can email us at hello@asmr-triggers.co.uk or use the social links at the top of the page.

All the best!

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