30+ Asmr Triggers

list of asmr triggers

Asmr triggers list (Updated)

A list of over 30 asmr triggers for you to test and try for yourselves. Whether you’re looking for ideas to make videos or watch them, there’s a list of triggers for you here.

ASMR can be triggered by the strangest of things. Which is probably why people think our videos are so weird. You may have experienced ASMR throughout your life and not known exactly what it was, just that you find watching people so focused on a task that it sends tingles right through you.

There are a few ASMR triggers that are more common than others. These are the ‘Cranial Nerve Exams’ and ‘Haircuts’ covered time again on YouTube, and it isn’t a bad thing. Each video gives unique sounds and effects so it’s good to keep watching the same type of ASMR triggers and not get bored – That is if ASMR immunity doesn’t catch up with you first. 

If you’ve ever experienced immunity you’ll know there are even videos for that too! But realistically a change of voice or new ASMR trigger should help bring back those tingles. If not you may need to take a break.


What are some ASMR triggers?

  • Binaural Whispering 
  • Mouth Sounds 
  • Cranial Nerve Exam 
  • A Head Massage
  • Fast Tapping 
  • Inaudible Whispering 
  • Show/Tell 
  • Microphone Testing 
  • Teacher Roleplay
  • Drawing 
  • Keyboard Sounds
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Rude asmr – Just for the lols
  • Eye Test Roleplay 
  • ASMR Outside
  • Unboxing Videos 
  • Facial Examination 
  • Haircut RP
  • Reiki Healing 
  • Deep Ear
  • Skin Allergy Test Roleplay 
  • Hand Gestures
  • Delicate Touching
  • Personal Attention
  • Page Turning
  • Blowing 
  • Plastic Crinkling 
  • Slime 
  • Buzzing 
  • Bob Ross – You know why
  • Face Measuring

And that’s 30 ASMR triggers. ‘Explain’ videos are also quite relaxing (in case you needed one more to try).

Here are a few ASMR trigger videos:

WhispersRed ASMR