30+ Asmr Triggers

list of asmr triggers

Asmr triggers list (Updated)

A list of over 30 asmr triggers for you to test and try for yourselves. Whether you’re looking for ideas to make videos or watch them, there’s a list of triggers for you here.

  • Binaural Whispering – I love whispering in general for asmr but you can’t beat a quality binaural microphone, the more sensitive the better!
  • Mouth Sounds – A bit disgusting and in any other scenario, I’d feel awkward watching someone chew on food.
  • Cranial Nerve Exam – The gift that keeps on giving I love these roleplays the most, to be honest.
  • Head Massage – Heads make the best sounds. No doubt.
  • Fast Tapping – Or slow, whatever rocks your boat.
  • Inaudible Whispering – Preferably ear-to-ear.
  • Show/Tell – I just like nosing in on other people’s stuff really.
  • Microphone Testing – Love the ones that test multiple mics in one video, the old mics make great white noise.
  • Teacher Roleplay
  • Drawing – I get so much satisfaction from watching people draw (and explain what they’re doing as well)
  • Keyboard Sounds
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Rude asmr – Just for the lols
  • Eye Test Roleplay – Light/torch shining gives me the tingles
  • ASMR Outside
  • Unboxing Videos – For when I research my next purchase
  • Facial Examination – Again, heads make the best sounds
  • Haircut RP
  • Reiki Healing – For the more spiritual
  • Deep Ear
  • Skin Allergy Test Roleplay – Latex glove sounds in these videos can be awesome
  • Hand Gestures
  • Delicate Touching
  • Personal Attention
  • Page Turning
  • Blowing – Binaural
  • Plastic Crinkling – Or a mix of materials
  • Slime – Or Kinetic Sand
  • Buzzing – /white noise 
  • Bob Ross – You know why


And that’s 30 asmr triggers. I’ve also been listening to a lot of ‘explain’ videos lately and find them quite relaxing (in case you needed one more to try).
Here are a few ASMR trigger videos:
WhispersRed ASMR



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