ASMR Triggers

Asmr triggers

You can find a list of asmr triggers here.
We try to cover as in-depth a list as possible so if we miss any or you have your own favourites then we'd love to add those to our next asmr lists too!

Asmr Triggers are actions that induce the asmr sensation. For example this could be:

  • Hand Gestures
  • Binaural Microphones
  • Gentle Whispering

They're obviously many more triggers that induce asmr and I think it would be impossible to cover all of them - at least in one post anyway.

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What is asmr?

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is part of the sensory system. You may experience asmr through audio, visual and other such sensory triggers. Experiencing asmr is likened to feeling head tingles, spine tingles and tingling sensations over the scalp mainly, but there is little scientific discovery to base facts upon.

Useful Links

Here's a short explanation video featuring WhispersRed

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    Featured asmr video

    This month we're featuring Lovely ASMR. A young boy from South afric I believe but he also does some asmr videos in both Dutch and English. Very relaxing.

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    Our blog is practically a library for asmr videos and finding new asmrtists. We've compiled videos according to highly requested videos and hope you enjoy them.

    If you're looking for new asmr to get your head tingles going then you can take a peek at our asmr word cloud or simply browse our blog for asmr videos that suit you.

    Benefits of asmr

    They're quite a few benefits and research is still being undertaken but can help with:

    • Tingles
    • De-stressing
    • Easing depression
    • Helping you relax
    • Anxiety Busting